Do Video Games Have Harms On Youth Culture

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Mehmet Saçaklı
Aynur Kadıoğlu
Eng 101-42
20Nov., 2014
Do Video Games Have Harms On Youth Culture Today
Video games are the new phenomena of our age and their effects on teenagers is an complicated issue. Especially for the last twenty years, almost every teenager have interacted with video games one way or another. As a result of this, scientist and experts started to research about this issue and they want to find answer of one important question: Do video games have harms on youth culture today? Countless number of experts claim that video games have harmful effects on youth but, besides this, nobody can deny that there are beneficial factors about video games such as cognitive benefits of gaming, social benefits of gaming and emotional benefits
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(Granic, Lobel and Engels 68) Different from that, video games help teenagers to develop and improve cognitive skills. Video games’ effect on cognitive skills can be easily seen on creativity which is a important part of cognitive skills. New evidence emerging that playing any kind of video game regardless of whether or not it is violent, enchances children’s creativity capacities. For instance, Minecraft, which is a video game that players can create every corner of a virtual world, can improve children’s creative thinking ability. This is because, Minecraft has enabled young people from kindergarten to college to start creating and it has inspired people to re-create everything from spacecrafts to entire cities. Minecraft also inspired people to create stories, poems and paintings. These informations clearly reveals that how Minecraft helps teenagers to improve their cognitive skills. Another study on this issue shows that, among a sample of almost 500 12-year-old students video game playing was positively associated with creativity. This research demonstrates that, not only Minecraft, but also other kind of video games, due to their virtual and detailed world, help teenager to improve their cognitive …show more content…
Firstly, video games contributes teenagers’ cognitive skills and their ability of creative thinking, secondly, video games boost social talents of young people and lastly, video gaming helps teenagers to improve their emotional moods. Considering that, nobody will deny good sides of video gaming. It can be hoped that every teenager should play video games

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