Effects Of Video Games On Youth Culture

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Mehmet Saçaklı
Aynur Kadıoğlu
Eng 101-42
20Nov., 2014
Do Video Games Have Harms On Youth Culture Today
Video games are the new phenomena of our age and their effects on teenagers is an complicated issue. Especially for the last twenty years, almost every teenager have interacted with video games one way or another. As a result of this, scientist and experts started to research about this issue and they want to find answer of one important question: Do video games have harms on youth culture today? Countless number of experts claim that video games have harmful effects on youth but, besides this, nobody can deny that there are beneficial factors about video games such as cognitive benefits of gaming, social benefits of gaming and emotional benefits
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People think that video games make people asocial and they push them to timidness. However, a lot of researchs show that this idea is totally wrong. Video games have unquestionably social benefits for teenagers. Research claims that over 70% of gamers play their games with a friend either cooperatively of competitively. Thanks to this huge environment, teenagers are able to learn some basic fundamentals of life such as helping each other, trusting people and working as a team. New type of video games, especially the ones that playing with millions of people boost this social skills very well. In addition to this, video games are also contributing to improve civic engagement. Civic engagement means, the ability to organize groups and lead like minded people in social causes. Unfortunately, timidness is part of some of teenagers’ life and a huge research which is conducted in United States of America shows that adolescent who played games with civic engagements were more likely to be engage in social and civic movement in their lifes such as raising money for charity, volunteering and persuading to vote. Moreover,The Journal of Adolescent Research published a study that comparing kids who played video games to these that did not, video game players regardless to gender, reported higher levels of family closeness, activity involvement, attachment to school and positive mental health. Considering these two researches, video games can play a great role for players’ social status and their fightings against

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