Toys Cause For Distraction Essay

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Toys Cause for Distraction
Education refers to any experience that creates an impression on the mind.(citation?) One of the best ways of learning is through experience. Experiences leaves an impression on the mind that shapes an individual’s general character, attitudes, and habits or skills. Essentially, experiences influence how someone perceives certain material. How someone learns is unique to the individual, but distraction effects everyone commonly. Distraction is anything that prevents an individual to give full attention to the subject matter. Both technology and toys play a major impact in a student’s and child’s learning development. Within the readings of “How to Teach in an Age of Distraction” and “Toy’s” by Turkle and Bathes respectably, show an underlying connection of distraction. Technology and toys both play a role in the development of a student’s
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Students want to spend less time on work so they can get back to social media. They have eliminated the process of actually doing problems, and working through questions by using technology, for instance Google. Students no longer have to spend as much time getting to the answer for class work, all they have to do is push a couple buttons and out comes the answer. Students do not gain any experience from doing this at all, except for pushing buttons. The absence of technology in the classroom setting allows for the student to focus on only the material being presented. This absence allows for the student to gain an experience that will have a formative effect on the mind. Eliminating the biggest distraction in the learning environment, obviously equates to a better learning experience, where the student is more engaged in the content. Taking away the technology frees the student from having to worry about anything else except for the content in class. In Turkle’s article he explains an experiment that he did with his

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