Effects Of Technology On Education

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How Technology Affects the Education System of Today
As technology progresses further, it begins to integrate itself more into daily life. Today, it has found a way into the education system, altering the way teachers plan lessons and the way that students complete their homework. Some believe that this trend is for the better, creating a network for online schools, allowing students quicker access to research, enabling the ability to easily collaborate on group projects, and more. Although the positive effects are certainly present, there are also impacts of the increased use of technology that are changing education in a negative way.
Advancements in technology have created a platform for an alternative to the traditional brick and mortar
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Students going to traditional schools also have computers, smart phones, smart boards, and more in their school environment. One way this affects them is in how they are able to research information. With the invention of the internet, the information of the world is at everyone’s fingertips. It only takes seconds to find out the answer to nearly any question. The Pew Research Center conducted a study, and reported “76% of teachers surveyed “strongly agree” with the assertion that internet search engines have conditioned students to expect to be able to find information quickly and easily” (Purcell et al.). This way of research has completely changed the process students must go through to find credible information. Trying to figure out what information is accurate and comes from good sources becomes a new lesson to students (Lynch). However, some worry that that students are becoming used to immediate responses, consequently shortening their attention spans. Valarie Strauss argues that “it’s not their overall ability to pay attention: kids today can, I think, get lost for hours in a movie or a book or a game just as readily as their parents did. Rather, the seemingly shorter attention span is their ability to maintain attention on a task that is not very interesting to them” (Strauss). Kids nowadays are learning to expect things to be either quick, easy, or entertaining. Tasks that do not fall into …show more content…
On one hand, it has created a platform for a variety of new things: online schools, quick research, simple collaboration, interactive lessons, and more. However, there is the downside that things have become too easy, causing students to lose the value of a hard work. Furthermore, the internet is making it effortless to cheat on assignments or to get distracted from homework. No matter what, there is always a positive and negative side that can be found in anything. When it comes to technology, it cannot be singled out as simply “good” or “evil”. Truthfully, it comes down to the person and how they choose to use their technology. Although there are plenty of options for students of ways to use the internet for “evil” they will hopefully choose to use it for the right

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