Effects Of Obesity On Fast Food Essay

808 Words May 6th, 2016 4 Pages
People in life never want to accept blame, but the cold hard truth that occurs is that no matter what, people still have to face consequences for their actions. American obesity rates are at record highs and the future is not looking bright. People are continuing to eat, and in bigger portions than have ever been recorded. People don’t want to accept that they became obese at their own expense, so they try to blame the people who supplied them with the food that is connected with obesity: Fast food. The truth of the matter is that people have to stop blaming the fast food companies and start accepting their own blame for becoming obese and trying to do something in order to change the way that they look. For this visual argument I decided to make a flier. Fliers are universal and can be put up almost anywhere. For that very same reason, they can be placed in strategic locations in order to catch the attention of its ideal audience. They can be left in locations for extremely long periods of time and they can even be handed out in bulk to passersby. If made correctly, they should be eye popping to catch the attention of the audience, but they should also be short enough that the audience can read most of it while on the move. The first part of my visual argument that I went with is a black background. I wanted everything that I put on the flier to pop out from the rest, and so I put it on a black background so it would contrast enough from anything I placed on it and…

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