Obesity in the United States

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  • Causes And Consequences Of Obesity In The United States

    Obesity and its associated comorbidities such as heart disease and type II diabetes have become a major public health concern in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “More than one-third of U.S. adults are obese; and 20.6% of adolescents age 12-19 are classified as obese”(CDC). As these numbers continue to grow, people are beginning to question the cause of this epidemic. There are several factors contributing to Americas weight problem including increased production of processed foods, socioeconomic status, unhealthy diets, and lack of exercise. Although, the current way of food production in America is extremely efficient, several studies have found that processed foods have an ultimately negative…

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  • South Korea's Obesity Problem In The United States

    The United States of America was not always a country of fast food eating Americans. It was only sixty-five years ago, that we were eating food portions that were four times smaller than what we eat today. Yet over the same time span South Korea has not spawned the health problems that plague the U.S. In the 1950s, obesity and diabetes were not the huge dilemma that they are today. The American diet has drastically changed over the years and while a variety of arguments can be made about the…

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  • Obesity In The United States

    Obesity is classified by the United States government as a disease and needs to be treated as so. Questions have been asked about obesity and its effects for the last few years as the obesity population had risen. The government has put few restrictions in place to help prevent obesity, even though it has been the third leading cause of death in America. Obesity can be caused by overeating and lack of exercise, but it has astounding after-effects. Due to obesity, Americans can acquire other…

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  • The Cause Of Obesity In The United States

    environment does not directly cause overweight or obesity. Some environmental factors, however, do. Some environments encourage activities that will fuels overweight and obesity. Below are environmental factors that entertain overweight: i. Availability of cheap food. In some parts where food is cheap, people tend to eat excessively especially if the food is sugary. This leads to overweight. ii. Work. Some people work in environments where they are too busy making proper health food and instead…

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  • Childhood Obesity In The United States

    Childhood obesity is a large problem throughout the world and especially the United States. Children who suffer from this illness have higher disadvantages than children who are of a normal weight class. Childhood obesity can come from children with eating disorders, depression from peers or not having parents involved in their lives. Even though the United States is not the number one country to lead in childhood obesity, it is ranked in the top ten coming in at number five. Childhood obesity…

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  • The Importance Of Obesity In The United States

    The United States of America is known around the world for a lot of incredible things. It has one of the best economies on the planet, boasting the highest Gross Domestic Product of any country. However, The U.S. is also known for having the highest obesity rate in the world of any industrialized country. Cytherian L. Odgen who works for the National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that “In 2011-2012, the prevalence of obesity in the United States…

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  • Cause Of Obesity In The United States

    According to the New York Times, a study done by Adam Drewnowski, an obesity researcher found out that “You get what you pay for”. Drewnowski discovered a person could gain the most calories with a single dollar bill buying food items, such as candy bars and potato chips. People who spend less money on junk food are more likely to be overweight. Obesity is an escalating epidemic that is happening here in the United States. Other countries look at Americans like animals one would see at the zoo,…

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  • Causes Of Obesity In The United States

    Obesity is one of the most widespread leading causes of preventable deaths in the United States. More than one-third of U.S. citizens are obese, due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. Many factors contribute to the onset of obesity, such as individual behaviors, environmental factors, socioeconomic factors, and hereditary. People on the verge of obesity, or whom already are obese, choose foods that are high in sugars and fats, which is very unhealthy. Unhealthy foods are much cheaper and more…

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  • The Importance Of Childhood Obesity In The United States

    Recent decades reveal an increase and high prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States. In order to halt further increase, researchers have determined primary factors that contribute to the obesity epidemic to be the result of unhealthy diet and low physical activity (Cluss). With consideration to the fact that children spend the majority of each day away at school and the school year makes up most of the calendar year; school meals innately impact children 's everyday eating habits…

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  • Junk Food And Obesity In The United States

    world today. Many people do not pay attention to how dangerous the consumption of junk food is and the effect that the food has on obesity in the United States. The North Ohio Heart Medial Group conducted a recent study that, “fast food restaurants in America serve 50 million customers per day” (Ohio Medical Group, p. 2). The restaurants use their low prices and persuasive advertisements in order to draw more people into their business. What this world needs to realize is how big of a problem…

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