Effects Of Diversity Training

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A 2015 psychology study by Homan, Buengeler, Eckhoff, Ginkel, and Voelpel shows positive effects of diversity training in workplaces with nationality diverse teams and poor prior understanding of diversity in the workplace. Large scale immigration trends of Canada, matched with Homan’s findings, suggest domestic firms can positively generate team creativity amongst increasingly diverse firms so long as thorough attention is paid to the backgrounds of workplace teams.

Nationality diversity is almost a given considering Canada’s increasingly diverse workforce. However, Homan finds it is critical to know if team members have prior experience with workplace diversity beliefs. To better predict when Canadian work teams should introduce diversity
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Homan’s findings suggest nationality diverse teams benefit the most from diversity training, and it seems that Canada’s increasingly diverse workforce could be an ideal situation to implement diversity training to enhance team creative performance.

Statistics behind where new workers are coming from might yield insight into whether or not employees have the prior experience needed to truly benefit from training. To hone in on one incoming cultural group, in 2014 there were almost 25,000 immigrants to Canada from the People’s Republic of China. Statistics Canada reports that one in four adults of Chinese origin have a university degree and Chinese who have been in Canada since 1981 have a higher employment rate than the rest of the Canadian
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To answer the question if immigration statistics can suggest when training is beneficial, could it be possible to equate cultural homogeneity to less experience with diversity beliefs at work? It’s a widespread notion that China is culturally homogenous, which is simply a measure for the number of shared facts or values across a population. 91.6% of the Chinese population is composed of the Han ethnic group, which is cited as an signal for homogeneity. This measurement could suggest less experience in nationality diverse work environments if newcomers to Canada have only worked with the “ethnic majority” in their own

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