Essay on Effective Job Training Methods

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Effective Job Training Methods
Saint Leo University
Stephanie J. Jones
MBA 533
Dr. Coronel

Based on the needs of the company, the employee, and on the duty being performed, the method by which job training is delivered may often vary. Choosing the right method can inspire employees to learn their job duties correctly and prepare them for their role within the organization. These methods include on the job training, goal setting, role playing, computer training, and team building exercises (Ivancevich, 2010). Development and training programs are essential for an organization to successfully train and educate their employees which ultimately leads to higher profits and tenured employees within that organization.
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Role playing is another option for training an employee. This aspect of training allows an individual the opportunity to act out a situation that may occur in the workforce or with a customer and provide a solution to the problem. This method can be done between two people or within a group and it educates them on how to handle situations related to their jobs. Companies hiring people for sales positions, often use this method of training.
Computer based training (CBT) acts as an instructor for an employee and can be learned in a self-paced environment (, 2011). This form of training allows trainees to study and learn at their own pace versus learning within a set amount of time. Webinars, videos, and eLearning are forms of computer based training. These forms of training are commonly used as an educational training method in the workplace today.
Building and maintaining good quality resources will assist an employee to be independent and self-sufficient in their job environment. Because individuals who have the tools available to learn their trade, become well-developed, knowledgeable, and skilled in the workplace. It allows them to perform their job well and produce results that measure up to their company’s expectations. All of these on the job training methods allow companies to offer the resources to their employees to their employees and help answer questions, perform job

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