Effective Human Resource Management And Organizational Success

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Recruitment, Hiring, Training, and Evaluating Employees
Micah Laban
Finlandia University

Effective human resource management and its importance have been documented both in scholarly and other research. This research suggests the relationship between effective human resource management and organizational success. Effective management could increase the likelihood for profitability, returns on assets, and survival. (Barber, 1998)
The acts of recruiting, hiring, training and evaluating employees and resources have been shown to be extremely important to the success of an organization. Recruiting the correct employees for an organization is important for maintaining their organizational culture. Diversity in the workplace has shown to be a positive factor because of the benefits it can produce. (Barber, 1998)
Studies have been done in training and development to determine which methods of training are the most effective. Historically, in a traditional unionized setting, the vice-president would often have gone through training in the labor relations field. It was a requirement that all managers responsible for the entire human resource management function had to have a history of training experience. (Phillips, 2011)
In the 1980 Employer Opportunities Pilot Project found data on factors such as training, employer size, and labor conditions affected the employers search for employees.…

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