Essay about Effective And Successful Group Decision Making

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Group decision-making has become a highly complex process due to a group is made up of various people. However, gaining an effective and successful group decision is a core of a group. Therefore, understanding the components of decision-making is crucial for a group. To be specific, who is chosen to participate in group decision-making, brainstorm and indicate the dissimilar solutions, group cooperation as well as how to collect information, all of these essential parts are involved in this complicated process.
Convincing arguments can be made that the structure of a team is a vitally important for successful group decision-making. According to Levine, Stark (2015) and Phillips (2014), a diverse group more creativity and can enhance the skill of solving problems. Additionally, Phillips thinks the sexual distinction, ethnic origin, and other distinction lead the group members produce sole experience and come up with various viewpoints. Moreover, Mount Holyoke (2011) points out that dialectical research which slip the group into inverse sides is a useful method for a successful decision-making due to the dispute can show the benefit and drawback of each solution. Therefore, they say it is help for choosing an optimal decision. Levine and Stark further states this by saying the diverse group which includes participants with diverse gender or race easier to distinguish the proper and faulty answers rather than the homogeneous group. Nevertheless, Phillips indicates that the…

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