Essay on Educational Philosophies Used By Teachers

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In the summary that follows, I will include the the evidences of educational philosophies used by the teachers in their classrooms, the way the teachers have their classrooms set up to create the right kind of learning environment, and the teaching methods that the teachers use everyday, these are the major points that stood out to me as I did these fifteen hours of observations. These fifteen hours were disjoint and split up into many different classes which took place over many different days. This summary / reflection will be a recap of my time, based on the total fifteen hours as a whole instead of it 's individual pieces. First the methods, all the teachers were very supportive and accomplished, and as far as their teaching habits went, they all used similar styles of coaching. All the teachers would begin their classes by standing and reciting a lecture to the whole class about what they were going to do that day. The teachers then would allow the students to work in small groups on their assignments, these groups were usually made up of three to four students. As the children work in their concerted environments the teacher would walk around, going from group to group making sure everyone was staying focused and on track with the assignment at hand. All the teachers used some form of technology in their classrooms, most used a projector and a laptop to project the worksheets or projects up onto the whiteboard for the whole class to see and go by. The…

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