Lyn Storey: Being A Teacher

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I couldn 't imagine being a teacher. What teacher 's do is so incredible that I couldn 't even comprehend what it 's like to get up and teach in front of a class for an hour and a half. It sounds so strenous to me, yet teachers do it! Teachers change people for the better, and for that we all should be genuinely grateful. My favorite teacher of all time was forced into retirement a couple years ago, Lyn Storey at Sandia High School. Many students complained about Storey because of her tough and somewhat unorthodox ways of teaching. I was lucky enough to learn two years of English, as well as literary and life skills from her. When I first had Storey my sophomore year of high school I hated her. I was even one of those kids who got a red F on a paper and ran to my parents with complaints. Both of my parents even had a parent teacher conference with her afterwards which I didn 't realize at the time that I had to change and not expect her to go "easy" on me. After my second, six weeks of my first semester as a sophomore I had an F in the class, I remember asking if there was anything I could do to get my grades up right now, in which she replied, "You could get a time machine." I didn 't realize how much I should 've appreciated this attitude at the time. It just pushed me to try harder. Storey 's class rules were simple: once class …show more content…
The current evaluation system for teachers from the Public Education Department is terrifying. Fifty percent of these evaluations are based off of how well the student is doing in the course, not how well the teacher is teaching the material. When I went to Sandia I knew a lot of students who weren 't doing well because they were too preoccupied on other things, not because the teacher was doing a poor job. What does PED want, for teachers to lower their standards completely and not push students to

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