Essay about Education System On A High Pedestal

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K-12 Education
The United States places the entire education system on a high pedestal. Education, K-12, receives billions of dollars from the federal and state budgets year after year. Despite all the money put into this system the United States is only ranked 14th worldwide with South Korea, Japan, and Singapore ranking in the top 3. The United States is more than capable of raising it’s ranking, but the question arises as to how this can be done. Further, the question becomes as to whether expanding school choice is the direction to go. With there being 98,328 public schools and 30,861 private schools in the country in the 2011 to 2012 school year the sheer number of schools can cause one to believe that expanding schools is not the direction to go; however, the education system issues can not just be looked at from a distant view of one statistic. There is more than one factor to take in when considering this expansion. By doing so, one has to look at the bigger picture of how this could affect our economy in the long run of things. Because expanding schools would increase options for those not just in the upper class, better educate our students, and in the long term save the country money, expanding school choice in K-12 education is a good idea.
The public school system is not technically speaking a monopoly because there are other schooling options such as private schooling and homeschooling. However, for the people who are in the middle class or the lower class,…

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