Pros And Cons Of Exceptionalism In America

Register to read the introduction… A lot of people would like to argue that we are the best in a lot of arenas. If you look at another one of our prized freedoms the freedom of press, it might be surprising how little freedom of press our nation really has. How the press is just a tool used to feed us what the government needs us to be fed, and to hide all the things that the government thinks we don’t need to know. A lot of people would argue that our government is one of the best in the world but the recent shutdown might hinder that argument. The government is a group of adults who argue all day. America’s government doesn’t argue for the people but for the companies and lobbyist that line their pockets. A lot of people would love to argue that we have one of the best healthcare systems in the world. If a person can afford that healthcare then maybe we do. The real issue is how few Americans have access to insurance or medical care. A lot of people like to argue that America is the best when it comes to aiding other countries, any amount of research can prove this to be untrue, but luckily or “free media” makes sure that we only see the best of humanitarian aid. If America is really exceptional why are so many American children hungry? Why are so many American children living in poverty? We live in an America where the richer are getting richer, and the middle class is shrinking. Where it is getting more expensive to live yet the minimum wage and living wage don’t match up. America is so exceptional that homelessness and joblessness is at an all time high. America is so great where our school systems are not even close to as great as other schools systems across the world. Our kids are not learning at the same pace as others and school funding is not even close to being on top of the list of priorities of our …show more content…
We are taught in elementary school that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue and found us this great land. We were taught how the Indian people taught us how to grow corn and get the best use out of the soil. We colored pictures of Pilgrims and Indians enjoying a great Thanksgiving dinner together. Teachers don’t like telling children that the Indians were slaughtered so we could have our city on top of the hill. Teachers also teach us about slavery and how horrible it was. They forget to mention that slavery played a part in rich people getting richer, or how a lot of companies would never have made it without the slaves working for the White man. We are taught about the German keeping Jewish people in concentration camps, but it is left out that America was doing the same to the Japanese. America is a nation built of immigrants but America even limited who could come to America. Not letting in races they saw as trouble, or mentally ill people who might tarnish the exceptionalism. We are a nation that hails the Bill of Rights as one of the greatest documents. People don’t seem to realize how many of those guaranteed freedoms have been altered by a government that no longer works for the people. It can be argued that every nation probably feels that they are the exceptional one. It is easy to see why so many American feel that America is the greatest, because it is something that we have been told our entire lives. If we look at America through the lenses that have been provided for us then America really is the best and superior. If those glasses are removed it is easily seen that American exceptionalism is nothing but a

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