The Importance Of Public School Funding

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Public School Funding
Throughout the years, many states in America such as Arizona have experienced a decrease in public school funding due to a decline in taxes and a lack of financial resources. This has created many issues with the quality of a public school education. The current lack of financial support has decreased the ability to provide the necessary resources for our schools. This is the biggest obstacle for public schools in Arizona and many states across the nation. This is a problem worthy for all to consider in America. The urban schools have taken the biggest hit when it comes to funding. Closing the achievement gap between the highest and lowest performing students in our country has become an ever more substantial problem
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It has been in existence and evolving since the beginning of public education. By not providing the public schools with the financial support needed to educate our student they are lacking necessary tools to teach the way that produces the ultimate level of learning. Students are held back from reaching their highest potential. Underfunded districts, as The Post 's Valerie Strauss wrote this week, inevitably struggle to afford special-education staff, smaller classes, better computers and teacher development, among many other …show more content…
In my opinion, this is caused by non-proper education at the beginning of their lives, which has a long-term effect in which they will suffer from. In fact, “The politics of school funding tend to blend philosophical, social, and economic differences into a structure recognized as “free public schools.” It is impossible to separate education funding from resources. The level of funding drives not only the quantity, but also the quality of resources available to create public educational opportunities."(Connell). We as a whole can solve this problem by funding more school provide them with the resources that are needed to provide a quality education for all students in our country. With the risk of an uneducated country, many other problems can and will

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