Education Spending and the Number of Graduates in California Essay

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The California system of higher and secondary education is one of the largest in America. Just the California Community Colleges System (CCC) serving 2, 6 million students representing nearly 25 percent of the nation’s community college student population. California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) are serving more 700 000 students. Another 360,000 students attend private colleges and universities. Despite these impressive figures, and the constant growth of graduates, the education system does not meet the needs of California's economy. According to the report of meeting California’s Need for College Graduates of Hans Johnson, an associate director of research at the Public Policy Institute of California and …show more content…
The cuts forced community colleges to ration course offerings and as a direct result, nearly 500,000 students were shut out of the system. Sufficient funding will allow creating additional classes and programs that will increase the number of students involved in education, therefore, increase qualified graduates who will meet the requirements of the economy. That creation of classes can be in two directions, “Braunfild” and “Greenfild”. “ Braunfild” is an extension of traditional educational institutions, the historically developed educational practices. "Greenfield" in its turn, performs new educational projects created by new technological grounds and started from scratch. Such projects in recent years have received special names-of - «EdTech». This is a new space education which uses venture capital. Massive Open On-line Courses (MOOC), Edmodo, Open English, Desire2Learn, Orbis Education are examples of new educational projects which attract a considerable investment and gaining popularity. According National Venture Capital Association, GIGAOMO, only Edmodo got $25 millions of venture investment during last year, Open English got $45 mil. Thus, in our eyes formed a new educational space, scope and potential of which give reason to talk about a new offensive era in the development of education - the era of "Greenfield", which can not only lead to the emergence of multi-billion dollar

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