Education Is The American Dream For Me Is An Education Essay

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Education allows us to advance in the world and create innumerable improvements to our lives. The groundwork for making advances in every part of our lives is education. The beautiful thing of education is that it 's boundary less and you decide what to do with your education. That is why the American dream for me is an education. Miller discloses the benefits education provides, whereas Doumbia denotes the importance of having an education. Keller explains how difficult her childhood was because of her inability to hear or see, and Raymond expresses how dyslexia made his life at school miserable and the amount of pain it brought him mentally. Although Keller and Raymond faced challenges that made it difficult for them to reach a proper education, they never gave up. Education is an universal tool everyone is capable of obtaining whether you 're facing any hardships. I believe, therefore, that obtaining an education is the American dream, and everyone is capable of realizing it.
You could simply not put in the work to get an education, and that is all on you. However, some actually see the benefits of having an education and will sacrifice many things just to obtain one. Kafoumba Doumbia in his article “Why is Education so Important in Our Life?” explains to the reader how vital it is to have an education. Besides having an assiduous schedule, Doumbia found time for education and adventure. Distraction was never in Doumbia’s mindset, unlike some of his friends who had to…

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