Education Is Essential For A Future Career And Fulfilling Long Term Goals

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Education, although expensive, is indispensable for preparing for a future career and fulfilling long-term goals. Without an educational background, the individual is limited in choosing a career path because he does not meet the essential requirements for basic careers. Since careers require specialization and training in a certain field, the individual will be forced to enter the workforce with fewer job opportunities available to him. Although students are given a “choice” to further their education after high school, the norm in society mandates that they go to college. But because they are forced to enter this academic world, some students do not perform as well as others and as a result, colleges lower their standards to match the abilities of the students. An English professor at the University of Virginia, Mark Edmundson, claims that college campuses are adjusting to the consumerist attitudes of the students and proves this in his essay entitled, “On the Uses of Liberal Education.” William Henry, the author of In Defense of Elitism, claims that the mentality that there is a college for everyone has rendered a college education a rite of passage rather than an exclusive privilege. Although global competition has pressured the United States to idealize the college experience, making higher education more accessible to students, the purpose of college is to develop practical skills that can be applied in any career path.
As society evolves and develops over time, the…

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