Education and Nursing Essay

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Running head: Education and Nursing

Education and Nursing

LaSonia Carr

Grand Canyon University

December 26, 2011

Education and Nursing

Many nurses have asked themselves the question “Why?” Why should I go back to school to get my baccalaureate degree when I’ve been doing fine with an associate’s degree? Does that extra piece of paper really matter? What additional skills would I learn? These are some of the questions that many of todays’ working nurses ask themselves before returning to school to increase their knowledge base. Looking at the associate degree nurse (ADN) and the baccalaureate degree nurse (BSN), what competencies differentiate them? How does a higher level of education impact patient care? The
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In August 2008, Dr. Christopher Friede and colleagues found that nursing education level was significantly associated with patient outcomes. Nurses prepared at the baccalaureate level were linked with lower mortality and failure-to-rescue rates (Rosseter 2011).
In addition to providing care for the patients and performing skills, the BSN student tends to look at the patient as a whole. In doing so, the BSN student begin to widen their knowledge base, research and seek evidence based practices that can be applied to the patient. Education makes a big difference in the way that nurses practice. In a qualitative study, ADN nurses who returned to obtain their BSN stated that they “have a deeper knowledge than just the human body…it helps me to educate patients better…it’s more preventative, not just taking care of that patient in the bed, but the whole patient – everything about the patient” (Asselin, Cullen, & Osterman 2009). The BSN nurse is also bringing research to the patients’ bedside, thus making patient care that much better. Evidence base practice is becoming the standard and nurses are beginning to understand the why behind the things we do. Research has provided better patient outcomes and provides greater insight as to why we have the policies and procedures that we follow. In a patient care scenario, you may be able to differentiate the way an ADN nurse cares for a patient vs. a BSN nurse. A patient

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