Educating Students With Children With Disabilities Essay examples

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When it comes to the number of student who attend public and private schools it’s important to consider that many of these students have mental, physical, and social needs. Making sure that children are being provided with the a proper learning environment is crucial. Especially when it comes to physical education. Therefore, understanding what inclusion and least restrictive environment is, the pros and cons of each, how PE teachers adapt to these settings, and my viewpoint on the topic. First off, inclusion in education programs can sometimes be misunderstood. In simple terms, some may define it as simply including children with mental disabilities amongst children with non-disabilities. This isn’t completely wrong, but leaves out some important points. Inclusion is the idea that all students, with and without disabilities, should be educated within the same environment while meeting each child 's educational and social needs (2). It is important to understand that inclusion aims to reach each child needs, and give equal opportunity to every child who attends school. Equal rights for student’s means that regardless of race, religion or severity of the disability they are given an equal opportunity when it comes to learning. Individuals that support inclusion believe that students with disabilities will learn from students that are non-disabled and will benefit from being in a regular class setting. On the other hand, least restrictive environment (LRE) provides…

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