Ebay Is An E Commerce Company And American Multinational Corporation

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EBay is an e-commerce company and American Multinational Corporation, the company provides business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer sales services via internet.
EBay became one of the most successfully companies because their marketing team was able to create priorities. First priority was keeping their customers satisfied, second priority was personal touch and last priority was freedom to grow. Companies can find that keeping their customers satisfied is hard, this is why eBay put their customers’ needs first. But not only keeping their customers satisfied can help a company to be success, this is why eBay creates their feedback system, this allows customers to leave positive or negative feedbacks about their shopping experience. But one of the most important priorities for eBay was, help their customers to grow their business, because this company is a consumer-to-consumer sale, customers have the ability to grow their businesses.
For EBay customer satisfaction is really important, this help eBay to keep their loyal customers. In a recent article from bornevia.com, “5 Reasons Why Great Customer Support Is Your Most Effective Marketing Strategy” Benny Tjia writes, “Let’s take a look at eBay for example. EBay’s customer service team helps their customer’s at the most efficient and fastest way they possibly could. Often times when customers need to return items they purchased, sellers tend to not be very helpful, but eBay always does! One happy customer expressed his…

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