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Group Discussion Board Forum 1 – Part 1

Question 1.5 When deciding whether to create a custom motivation program or purchase one offered by a consulting firm, the manager must consider several different factors. First, the manager must consider the costs associated with both options. Is the cost of labor to create the program less than the cost of purchasing one by a consulting firm? Which option yields a better return on investment? Second, the manager needs to determine how quickly the program needs to be implemented. Purchasing a program from a consulting firm may be the quickest alternative. However, if the business can make do without the program for the time being, it may be best to create a custom program so that the business
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Question 1.8 Cooper & Schindler (2011) define a management dilemma as the problem or opportunity that requires a management decision. For this reason, there are a few management dilemmas that raise a concern for an area sales manager who also conducts research for sales potentials. Foremost is the concern for conflicts of interest that may arise from being the sales manager and the researcher. An area sales manager has goals that are consistent with keeping themselves employed and promoting their own position. They are responsible for facilitating sales and the activities that lead to them (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). One activity may be that of obtaining new products to market. The desire to sell a certain product due to its attractiveness and sales potential, or its potential to generate more income, which may be tied to compensation, is one issue that draws much concern. As a result of ensuring that these types of products are available to market, a sales manager may be interested in doing all things possible to promote said activities. To couple that with the requirement of conducting research presents a management dilemma. A researcher is interested in and has a duty to reduce risk in managerial decisions. This is a direct contrast to the interests of a sales manager. As so, a biased study may be the outcome of this research due to the difference of goals and intents

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