Personal Narrative: The Sunday School Easter Program

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The Sunday School Easter program was about to begin at Bethesda Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. For my last time speaking in front of the congregation before leaving for Tennessee State University (TSU), I was charged with introducing the speaker of the program. As I stood in front of hundreds of people to recite the introduction that I wrote, I was confident and thoughts of how far I had come since giving my life to Christ ran thru my mind. My spiritual journey began when I was about 5 years old when I decided to give my life to Christ. I did not realize at that time the impact this church would have on me in the future. This decision in my life changed everything for me, spiritually and educationally. Before I knew it, I was up in front of a mid-size (200 - 300) congregation reciting scripture, reading poems, and even singing solos in the Sunday School …show more content…
During my elementary and secondary education, there have been ample opportunities for me to speak in front of the class or write papers on a given subject. For example, during my senior year of high school I had to perform a capstone project which involved creating a product, writing a proposal, and presenting it in PowerPoint form to six judges on stage. Church has been a major influence and gradually helped me to become the confident spokesperson that I am today. I knew that when I presented I had to make eye contact with the audience, keep the audience engaged, and remember not to allow any fidgeting. When writing my senior year project proposal, the members of my group and I had to record specific information about our product and get it approved by the teacher. We ended up receiving a 100% for the capstone project and an A for the proposal. Without the help of my church, I would not be in this position that I am right now, with a full ride to TSU. This is just one of the many ways my church has helped me

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