Otis Case Analysis Essay

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OTIS works under the UTC. The company has 60000 employees and 90% of them work outside United States. Otis has 1.5 million elevators and 100000 escalators. It sells products in more than 200 territories. Otis has elevators in 10 of the world’s largest 20 buildings in the world. It has more than 1.4 million elevators and escalators under maintenance. The revenues grew by more than 1 billion dollars to 7.9 billion dollars. The operating profit increased by more than 300 million dollars to 1.38 billion dollars. Otis wants to become a customer centric and world class customer service provider rather than a product provider. They also want to expand their current business to a new market space by bringing transformation
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Already the E-Logistics and OTISLINE plan together helped the operating profit to grow and the cycle time to reduce. If these components of success are improved along with some add-ons, this would certainly have positive impact. Data analytics should be integrated with CRM and other IT implementation like automation, ERP, Cloud. There should be proper process standardization and expert analysts to study the data. Proper metrics should be applied to measure customer satisfaction like online survey tools. There should be a proper measuring instrument to monitor the level of outcome. Every component should align with the goal of the company and be applicable across all the geographies. The sales factory operations can be carried out through the web which will provide faster operations and reduce cycle time. The results of analytics should be aligned with the financial analysis to track cost and account billing. Email marketing and social media marketing can be implemented to track any negative feedback from the customers and thus retain them. Increasing employee engagement will help the customers get a better experience from the company. Other features which could be introduced to give customers more flexibility and hence improve the customer service are - text enabled customer service, live chat option, multi-channel management of handling many customer requests at a time, quality content with self-service options for customers, centralized customer service channels

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