Cartesian Substance Dualism

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Dualism: Cartesian Substance Dualism
Substance dualism is the thesis that there are substances of two fundamentally and irreducibly distinct kinds in this world, namely mind and bodies. Dualism of this form contrasts with monism which is defined as all thing in the world are substances of one kind either only mind or only body. According to the Cartesian substance dualism, minds are not identical with material things, minds could exist even if no material thing existed. Mind is thought to be something that independence, it can exist if there is no other material exists or any other mind existed. Hence, there are a few of properties that defined Cartesian substance dualism which are there are substances of two fundamentally different kinds
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For example of the properties are Charge, e = 1.6021892 x 10(-19), Magnetic Flux= 4.13089 x 10-15, Mass, m = 9.109534 x 10(-31), Magnetic Moment= 9.284832 x 10(-24), Radius, R = 3.86607 x 10(-13). They do not believe in the non-physical substance or the soul and only the body exist. They only have to look at one thing, the brain, and that’s where we’d find both mental properties and physical properties. If we fully understood the brain, we’d have enough information to also explain. They also believe that the mental properties cannot be reduced to the physical …show more content…
As from monist, they believe that the body and mind itself is made up from the same matter. Hence, one can be error in their owns mind as the mind and the brain is one. When there is something wrong or an error happen to the brain, its mean that there is same error happened to the mind which can affect our mental activities. As a dualism, they believe that mind and brain are distinct element which mind as non-physical whereas brain is a physical element. The mind and brain are exist in separate but they have interaction between two of them. Hence, if there anything goes wrong with the brain (physical), it will affect the activities of the mind as they were related to each other. But, there are also contradiction as when we through the Cartesian Dualism, we cannot agree that one can be error in one own

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