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Canada had some 17,500 dentists1 — professionals qualified to prevent, diagnose, evaluate and treat diseases and disorders of the human mouth, gums and teeth. Becoming a dentist in Canada was a rigorous process that included at least three years of study at the university undergraduate level, usually in natural sciences, followed by four more years at an accredited dental school. At the end of their studies, graduates had to pass a board examination before obtaining their doctor of dental surgery degree (DDS).

Ontario Dental Association Web site, www.oda.com/stats, accessed January 15, 2006.

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Dentists choosing to specialize in particular areas, such as endodontics, oral surgery or prosthodontics, spent at least another two years in school to become specialists.2 Each province had its own governing professional body to monitor dentists’ activities. To practise, dentists had to be members in good standing with the relevant college. In Ontario, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) represented about 7,700 practising dentists.3 Dentists typically worked as small business owners operating dental offices. Most were sole practitioners. Only about three per cent of dentists worked outside that environment in hospitals, research facilities and public clinics.4 Some 63 per cent of Canadians over 12

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