Don 't We All Have High Hopes For Our Future Essay

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Don’t we all have high hopes for our future? The American dream is the admiration of having a prestigious job, a family that includes having children, and more importantly a beautiful home. Our nation has dealt with recession, inequality, slavery, etc. resulting the question on whether our country is the “American Dream.” However, the government is giving the opportunity for low-income families and the opportunity for employment. America should not be criticized because of the past or how the government had been unable to deal with the economic crisis. The past is history and our nation has learned to be greater.
During the 1950’s and 60’s, people made money so easily without the requirements of attaining a college degree. The economy was very well shaped back in the day. As being said, you can see the drastic change of our economy and how it is difficult to be employed even with a college degree. According to Edward McClelland, “The United States will never again be as wealthy as it was in the 1950’s and 60’s.” People soon lost their jobs, homes, and wages were being cut down enormously. Beyond the difficulty, no one can blame the economic crisis to have a huge impact on our lives today. Our nation today has been stable because of the mistakes that our country has learned from. In addition to the American dream, we should be grateful for the programs that our government is providing for low-income families; for example, Obama care.
Obama care is offered for those who are…

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