Analysis Of Is The American Dream Over? By Cal Thomas

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As someone grows up, and becomes an adult in America, they dream of the idea of achieving the life of an American. The idea of the “American Dream” has been around for almost 200 years now, and it has been defined as the belief that you can succeed financially with working hard and being determined. The American Dream today, is nothing compared to how it was back then. Time induces change, sometimes for good, but also sometimes for the bad. In “Is the American Dream Over?” by Cal Thomas, he argues many important ideas about the American dream as is, today. He believes that the American dream now is completely opposite of the traditional dream. I agree with Thomas, as American society today is infatuated with money more than anything else. …show more content…
The Americans that have lived their lives working hard and being determined- like the traditional American dream states- believe and fear that the American dream is no longer obtainable. The fear of being financially successful, is the largest. In Dickerson’s article, it is stated that “Americans…have lost faith in the American Dream. They are disillusioned, and they are showing signs of despair.” It is not only the working class Americans that have no college experience, but it also the educated millennials who are beginning to display their angers especially in this presidential election. People are believing in non- conventional politicians like Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders, not because they believe in their ideas as a whole, but they are holding onto the ideas of promised economic breaks. It is the extreme views they would rather support, rather than believing in traditional political candidates. The American people have lost faith in tradition. Americans used to stand up in what they truly believe in and they fought for what they thought was right. The ideas of standing up for what you believe in though, is a thing of the past. With the way American society is now, it is more important to believe in who can bring decent wages and someone who can help the working class evolve into the middle class

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