Essay about Domestic Violence And Substance Abuse

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I attended the UCD School of Nursing interprofessional experience where treatment of domestic violence and substance abuse was addressed on two separate days. The first day of the seminar was very interesting to me because it was my first time learning about the signs of domestic violence. I was in a group that consisted of nursing students, and they were all very curious about my role as a Social Worker. They asked me questions such as, what I am currently doing at my internship and what made me interested in Social Work. I felt very connected with my group because the members were open to listen to me and they considered all my ideas during the exercises. For instance, they agreed with a lot of the things I mentioned during the activities and allowed me to express myself during the entire seminar. I felt comfortable working with this particular group.
On the second day of the seminar, nursing students, physician assistant students, medical students, and MSW students participated. The topic for the second day was particularly on substance abuse in pregnant women. My group consisted of mostly nursing students and one physician assistant student. Because the group consisted of mostly nursing students, the nursing students already knew each other and were friends. I felt like an outsider because there were times where the nursing students would just whisper to each other about things happening outside of class that evening or their plans for the weekend. I felt that their…

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