Essay on Domestic Violence And Sexual Violence

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Domestic Violence has to do with abusive actions between people who are in a relationship. Domestic Violence happens when one partner feels like they have to gain power to control the other person they are in a relationship with.. Domestic Violence it is very dangerous that it can be very difficult for a person to get away from their partner. Domestic Violence can happen in so many ways that it can be physical violence, sexual violence, emotional violence and psychological violence ( Gale, 2014).
According to the U.S Center for Disease control and prevention they said that in United States there has been about 1,000 deaths and two million injuries annually of domestic violence (Gale,2014). That is a lot of people who suffer of domestic violence in the United states. When it comes to domestic violence it affects all types of people in the world it does not matter what ethnic group you are and it does not matter your sexual orientation, but the only problem here is that some men deal with domestic violence but the majority of women are the ones who are abused.
Based on my research the CDC’s National intimate partner and sexual violence survey in 2010 founded that “one in four women have been a victim of violence while one in seven men were victims of domestic abuse (Gale,2014)”. The majority of ages that are at risk when it comes to domestic violence are ages 16 to 24. In the article it has said that women who are minorities and people who are separated from each other…

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