Domestic Violence And Homelessness Among Women Essay

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Domestic Violence and Homelessness amongst Women
There are many forms of domestic violence present in the United States. The most recognizable types of abuse are emotional and/or physical child abuse, elderly abuse and spousal abuse. On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States, with 90 – 95% of all domestic violence victims being women. Often these women are reliant upon their partners for monthly household expenses and in many cases are housebound caregivers of small children ("Domestic Violence Statistics", 2014). Spousal abuse is one of the most prevalent forms of domestic violence and is directly linked to high rates of homelessness amongst women.
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In most cases power and control are commonly thought to be the root cause of domestic violence. When a partner with abusive tendencies feels out of control due to financial stress, job loss, day to day familial responsibilities, etc domestic violence has a higher risk of occurring than compared to a couple without these stressors. Domestic violence can also be brought on by other significant life changes and in some instances can be a learned behavior witnessed by one partner during childhood. While both men and women can be victims of domestic abuse studies have found that women; mainly between the ages of 18-24, are most commonly abused by an intimate partner. Those statistics broken down would be equivalent to 1 in every 3 women who experience abuse compared to 1 in every 4 men ("Statistics", 2016). At this age many women have not attained higher levels of education and may already be responsible for small children thus leading to financial dependency upon their partner. Women in these situations may also lack both the financial and familial support network outside of their relationship and are unable to see any way out of the situations they are in, eventually leaving the threatening relationship once the abuse becomes too great (JHF, …show more content…
Among the top reasons for this growth in women as a population is domestic violence spousal abuse (Forum One, 2016). In recent years the United States is beginning to see an increase of services provided to all those in need. Some of the newer or more updated programs being provided are legal assistance, higher levels of child services, financial assistance and a greater level of educational programs ("Domestic Violence Statistics", 2014). Homeless shelters, specifically including women’s shelters is still seeing a lack of critical funding throughout the states. This underfunding leads to a limited availability for shelters to take in new women, overcrowding of families and lack of basic utilities is another result of this underfunding (By the Numbers,

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