Essay on Doing School By Denise Clark Pope

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n the book Doing School by Denise Clark pope, they describe how bad they want to succeed with their classmates, and the best grades possible. This sometimes means having a lack of sleep, maintaining a good GPA, and motivating themselves. Overall, to succeed in school you need three crucial qualities; focus, motivation, and to be able to study hard.
I agree with majority of the book, which points out that students who focus on school are having a much bigger chance of going in the right direction and succeeding which it 's telling us we should be more education in school in permute are dreams by working hard. Second, the author describes how many students tend to have a hard time finding the right time to do the homework because most of the students have part time jobs that lead them into staying up all night doing homework. I think most students who are working part time are having trouble balancing because they think they can handle both. That 's the main reason why students are having a hard time getting the homework done because the lack of motivation which can bring a lot of students down in a class. Meanwhile, I think the author make a good point about how a student who doesn 't succeed in school [?] does their best to cheat off their classmates. Which it 's not fair to the student who put in hours of studying, and the cheater is getting the same grade as him. Most students tend not to care about the homework they are interested in the grade. In fact, going through my…

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