The Definition Of Success

There he sat on a pile of cash, all alone. Society tells him that he's the happiest man on earth, that he has all money he could ask for, and not a single problem in his life, but he knows otherwise. He hasn't had company ever since his family passed away unless you count the Benjamin Franklins that surround him everyday. You see he was born into wealth and hasn't experienced life on his own, and he knows that his family business will never require him to work. He feels lost internally, no object can replace the missing piece and no money can buy what he wants. Because all he truly wants is to be like at peace of mind. Today's society's mentality has embedded in them that success is money. People feel that success can be simply measured by …show more content…
This idea is also being taught to kids and students at a very young age which is why this mentality continues to prosper. Many students nowadays don't strive at all in school, they just show up, put in the minimum amount of effort, then go back home and repeat the process. Which is what adds up to the main subject. Being successful as a student is to be constantly pushing yourself. Success in a student is not be the top of the class or having the highest grades in school. If a student wants to succeed he must change his or her mentality and attitude to better understand what success really is. In order to succeed you must constantly be moving forward or excelling in your school work. Professors are experts at telling what make students successful and they say that being diligent, persistent, and dedicated make student successfully.
Failure Is Good for success. When people think of failure they automatically think that it is a point in which something ends. But this isn't true this is
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A lazy person tends to go nowhere in life, this also applies to a student in school. If a student puts half the effort into an assignment then they must be prepared to get a grade equivalent to half the effort. If a student spends hours and puts his or her full potential into the work he/she is more likely to get better result for challenging themselves and going the extra mile. The ones that succeed are the ones who have their priorities straight. Before anything the students must have school as their number one priority. If the students follow this then they will surely do good in school. Professors in college aren't here to worry about the student's personal life, they are here to teach the student and simply that. As an example if A college student is sick on finals day in most cases there is no make up day, professors want the student to come in no matter what condition because school is supposed to be their number one priority. Its may sound harsh but this is meant to set up the student for success. And being a successful student isn't easy and it's not meant to be, it's meant to be hard and to reward you at the end of all of it, that is if the student does decide to push themselves through it. Many people have a different perspective on the whole concept and it can be seen

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