Does Gun Control Reduce Crime Essay

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Does Gun Control Reduce Crime? Gun control law has been one the most argued topic in the past decade in United States. Crime is widely viewed as a major issue for every society, government always tried to find solution in order to reduce the crime and violent rates. That is why gun control law and gun ownership has been argued intensively. However there has been a question, did gun control law reduce crime rate? In my opinion: No, because if people want to kill, they will find weapons to accomplish their goals. Gun control does not reduce crime rate. Gun by itself does not kills humans, people use gun as a medium to kill. United State is not the only country with high rate of gun ownership. In United States and Russia, “homicide results suggest …show more content…
Gun control can help stop the bad guy from ever getting a gun, Guns are often obtained in areas of the country where it is easy to buy large numbers of weapons without background checks (ex. southern states) and then transported to be sold in the areas where guns are restricted. Police forces are groups of organized and trained professionals that uphold order in society—it is their job to ensure that society does not devolve into a state where every person needs a gun. Criminals, by definition, don’t follow the law and tailoring the legal gun application process for the activities of those who don’t follow the law is simply foolish. People who are not allowed to buy guns certainly hate background checks, but this is because such checks limit their ability to buy guns legally. Guns have no social benefit and a removal of guns from society would not have the negative effects that a removal of cars would have. However in my opinion, these arguments are not enough to make some progress or to proof their claim. It is like to argue that car accident kills more people than guns, should we ban

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