Essay On The Sexualization Of Women In Advertising

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Does advertising sexualise and objectify women? The proliferation of sexualised and objectified images of women within advertising has not only become more prevalent in advertising but also developed to being nearly pornographic in content. Almost all advertisements for perfume, clothing, food, jewellery and cars demonstrate young women in extremely sexualised and degrading poses. Some advertisements have even contained obscene images that suggest acts of sexual assaults and violence against women.

The ‘LYNX’ girls shower gel advertisement was released in 2011 as apart of their girl’s shower gels launch. This advertisement promotes a young woman in a bikini, holding onto her untied bikini top. Not only is the image in this advertisement sexual but the so is the text on this advertisement. Again sexualising women to sell a product.

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According to the European Parliament, “Gender stereotyping in advertising straitjackets women, men, girls and boys by restricting individuals to predetermined and artificial roles that are often degrading and humiliating.” The advertising industry has severely affected society’s ideology when it comes to the value of women. Advertising must change its portrayals of women in order to affect society’s attitudes, ideas and beliefs around women. There are many companies that support women in speaking up about the sexualization and objectification in advertising. Choosing companies that support gender equality and non-sexist products and advertising can help to abolish larger brands from promoting sexualized advertisements against women. Women’s Forum encourages women not to buy into a phenomenon that compromises them emotionally and cognitively. Realizing self worth and purpose will result in higher self-confidence and a happy and fulfilled

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