Sexualization Of Women In Advertising Analysis

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I first saw this advisement for Tom Ford cologne a few years ago while reading an article about sexualizing woman in advertisements. This particular product fetured a naked woman having the cologne positioned between legs. It is an example for gender act because the product is not for woman but men. It has nothing to do with woman but was created in a way to get men’s attention. Class and race can have an interaction because tom ford is a luxury brand and is meant for upper class people. Furthermore, the brand and highs fashion industry have predominantly white models.
I3: This is seen in the media such as a video that was posted on YouTube where a woman in New York walked around and was constantly being catcalled. I encountered this video last year on YouTube. It is a gender act because it mostly happens to woman and is seen as a norm in today’s world. When woman confronted men about it they
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Column O was more difficult compared to the others because women experience these gender phenomena more than men. We still haven’t gone beyond gender yet in today’s world. While people’s identities have become more socially acceptable we still have resistance in understanding gender. In the reading by Susan J. Ferguson she talks about a women named Betsy Lucal experience and backlash of her gender identity. “My daily experience is a testament to the rigidity of gender in out society, in the real implications of “two and only two” when it comes to sex gender categories”(Ferguson, 2008). She also experiences not being feminine enough to be a woman by the way she dresses also. This shows how we still have a long way to go when it comes to understanding and accepting different gender representations. Even though we live in the 21st century all genders are not equal where certain groups have more power because of the social construct that was created still remains

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