Essay Documentary : ' The Kumare Documentary '

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Kumare Documentary I found the Kumare documentary very entertaining and enlightening to watch. The clear message that everything each of us needs can be found inside of us was demonstrated in the ways that many of Kumare 's followers were able to improve and change their lives in spite of the fact that Kumare was not truly a guru or spiritual leader at the beginning. I also felt that Kumare learned as much from the process as his students did. While Vikram went into the process not believing that he was anything special, and not believing that anyone was really a true spiritual leader and that most of them were fakes, he came out realizing that he really did have the power to help people. By passing on the message that we are all able to find the strength inside of us to change our lives, and to help people, many of the students left better equipped to deal with the challenges and temptations of their own lives. Vikram did not expect this type of an outcome and he seemed surprised to discover that he had this ability to help people to help themselves. I found the individual situations of the students portrayed in the documentary very interesting because I can relate to many of them. Each of the students had it in them to improve their lives and do the things they wished they could, but it took meeting Vikram to get them to see this. In the end they did it themselves, but in a sense Vikram showed them to way to self-improvement and inner peace. In this sense, I believe…

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