Salva Quotes In A Long Walk To Water

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Throughout salva’s personal journey he learned many lessons that impacted him in A Long Walk to Water making him more independent, braver and more of a leader.
Salva became more independent as a person because in the book A Long Walk to Water slava was left in a barn all by himself and he had to find a way to get to the refugee camp, I can support this because in the text it states “Finally he sat up and opened his eyes no one else was in the barn. Nobody.Nothing. They had left him. He was alone.” In this quote it shows that slava was alone in the barn and he didn't know what to do and this made him more independent as a person because he had to find a way to find someone to help him get to the refugee camp. In Addition Salva became an independent
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I say this because when salva was in school he heard the shooting and he ran into the bushes, to get away from the shooting and didn’t look back. I can support this because in the book it states “He continued the lesson from where he left off then- CRACK! POP-POP-CRACK! ACK-ACK-ACK-ACK-ACK-ACK! Gunfire!”this quote shows how salva’s life changed just like that but also it shows that he was confident to run into the bushes when there was fire in the air and everyone was running. Another reasoning why salva was confident and braver was that he was stuck in the barn by himself and he didn’t know what to do. I can prove this because in the text it says “The tears were hot in salva’s eyes. Where had everyone gone? Why had they left without waking him?” This quote shows how salva was scared to be in the barn by himself and he was brave and he found someone to help him find a group. Salva was also confident in himself because he stayed calm and he always stayed positive that he was going to find his family. During salva’s journey he was always confident in himself that he could make it to ethiopia and walk there and he did. I can support this because in the book it states “Salva would think of his family and his village, he was somehow able to keep his wounded feet moving forward, one painful step at a time.” this quote shows that salva was confident in himself that he could think of his family …show more content…
During salva’s journey he learned that he had to be confident/brave in himself to walk all the way to kenya, he ran into the bush without any hesitation and he flew to America not even knowing the language nor where the area was. Salva also had to learn to be a leader and in this book he was a leader multiple times such as he helped all of the 15,000 “lost boys” walk to kenya and did that by himself, he also taught his little brother how to take care of the cattle and as he got older he would have to take care of more cattle, along with that salva was the one who started the foundation for giving water to the people in southern sudan, Salva also as he was on the journey became more independent such as finding his way out of the barn, when his uncle died and he had to do everything that his uncle did. Along with that salva had to learn a new language and he had to find his way around the new place he lived which was NY. This was slava’s life and how he went on a long journey and learned many things from

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