Essay on Do Students Have Too Much Homework

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Thomas Jefferson once told James Madison, “Above all things I hope the education of the common people will be attended to; convinced that on their good sense we may rely with the most security for the preservation of a due degree of liberty” (“Sustaining our American System of Public Education”). Education has been an important part of America since the very beginning, “Our Founding Fathers recognized education not just as an avenue to vocations for our citizens but also as a practical investment in ensuring the strength and longevity of the newly formed government and its guarantee of liberty” (“Sustaining our American System of Public Education”). The United States’ education is slowly declining. Test scores are below average, students are being taught to only worry about the numbers, and education is being based on income. The United States Education System is not only declining, it is also having a negative impact of students. According to the article, “Do Students Have Too Much Homework” written by author, Jim Taylor;
Students rate academic stress as their greatest source of stress, exceeding family problems and bullying. Rates of stress-related illness, depression, anxiety, and burnout are on the rise. Academic-performance-enhancing drugs, such as ADHD [Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder] drug Adderall to enhance energy and focus and beta blockers to reduce anxiety, are SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) on high-school and college campuses (Taylor).

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