Distribution Systems in Post Classical China(Tang Dynasty) and the Byzantine Empire

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Stella Boye-Doe

CC Essay- Tang China and the Byzantine Empire

During the postclassical period from 600 to 1450 CE empires, such as the Tang dynasty in China and the Byzantine Empire, used new methods of equal land distribution in their societies. Each empire had very distinct methods for organizing the distribution of land in their empires.For the Tang dynasty land was distributed according to the equal field system while in the Byzantine empire land was given according to the theme system. The land distribution systems were designed to keep order by not allowing a large concentration of land towards certain families ,and how they were organized was at times according to the political system of the empire, as well as who the land
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For the theme system the military general gave free peasants a share of land in exchange for the free peasants to join the army. This system improved the economic and political order of the Byzantine empire. The theme system strengthened the class of free peasants by allowing them to have land if the volunteered to join the army.The systems were vital mechanisms in keeping social order within the empires but each empire tailored the equal distributions of land to fit their needs and societies.

Although the ways land was distributed and the systems were set up varied, the immediate results were very similar. In both empires a system of equal land distribution allowed stability by keeping social order. The theme system in Byzantium allowed the empire to become stronger and more expansive. There was greater peace in the empire because there was less risk in the empire on civil dispute based on land distributions, since every free peasant was given an equal share and there too much land to one person was prevented. Due to this system the class of free peasants became stronger and as a result agricultural economy improved. The theme system gave land in exchange for military service and this meant that due to the theme system the army of Byzantium grew. This is important because it allowed Byzantium to resist the expansion of the

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