Distracted Driving Is A Natural Tendency That Indicates The Advancement Of Technology

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Distracted driving is a natural tendency that indicates the advancement of technology, but also a behavioral shift in humans. Even before technology, drivers have been managing with natural and psychological distractions. Some examples include eating a snack or reading a map. With the increasing popularity of cellphones and texting, the list of interference between the eyes and the road continues to grow. Obviously the main source of debate and concern is how safe the use of these portable devices can be to the driver and everything in their path. The easy solution for this controversy is to refrain from handheld devices all together and have them put away. However, with wireless subscriber connections exceeding 331.6 million according to The Wireless Association in 2011 and the fact that research confirms that eighty percent of crashes involve the driver looking away; it suggests that consumers are always going to communicate. The only viable solution is to integrate technology within the vehicle itself. The implementation of hands-free devices in motor vehicles is safer than using portable devices. The goal of pleasing the consumer through integrated technology in vehicles also becomes a blueprint for increasing safety standards and practices.
Built-in communication systems are designed to facilitate safe travel. However, Rob Reynolds, executive director of FocusDriven, an organization whose central goal is to prevent injuries and death by eliminating cell phone use,…

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