Distracted Driving And Dangerous Being Distracted While Driving

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You feel the vibration of your phone and you reach for it in the passenger seat. You ran through a red light and hit a car from oncoming traffic. You are terrible injured and will be disabled for the rest of your life and the person you hit is dead. Who is responsible for all this damage? The culprit, your cellphone. Sometimes in life, ¨sorry¨ is like a magic word and can change everything; there are times when ¨sorry¨ just doesn 't cut it. You do apologize to the family of the person you hit, but will that bring back their loved one? People forget the consequences when using their smartphones while driving. By researching background information about distracted driving and discussing current actions being taken to address the problem, this essay will enlighten how life threatening and dangerous being distracted while driving can be; in order to enact change, I will educate students about this issue and handout items to help remind them to be safe on the road.
People who are distracted while driving affects everyone around them. According to “Facts and Statistics” (n.d.) they say, ¨Distracted driving is any activity that could divert a person 's attention away from the primary task of driving.¨ Many people think of distracted driving as only texting and talking on the phone but they do not realize that it could be anything from changing a song to grooming. They might also forget that they can endanger themselves and others safety. Furthermore, distracted driving…

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