Discrimination Towards Women In The Workplace Essay

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Discrimination towards women in the workplace is a serious problem today, though many seem to look at it with a blind eye. Discrimination in the workplace can come in many forms; 2 of them being the pay gap and sexual harassment. While many view the pay gap and sexual harassment as a serious problem, others blame the pay gap on women’s lack of ambition and sexual harassment on the way women dress. It is important that women stand up for themsel and try to stop discrimination towards them in the workplace.
There is still clear discrimination going on in the workplace towards women today; two of these issues being the gender pay gap and sexual harassment. Women get paid less than men based on their personal life, gender, age, race, and level
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Women are sexually harassed due to the way they dress at work. Consequently, women who dress in tight or revealing clothing are inviting men to sexually harass them (Lennon). The pay gap would decrease if women were more ambitious. Women do not get raises or higher pay because they do not negotiate or even talk to their boss about it. Also, women choose to work less, which is why they get paid less. There are many different ways women can prevent harassment in the …show more content…
Sexual harassment is a major issue in the workplace. Women tend to hide their sexual assault history out of fear that they won’t be given the same equal employment opportunities as women who have not been sexually harassed. Women who have been sexually harassed have been wearing anything from revealing to snowsuits (Solé). Blaming harassment on the way women dress is a form of “victim blaming”(Solé). The pay gap is also an issue for women, who tend to get paid very differently than men. According to statistics, women work 39 more days than men a year, but still get paid less (Peck). Men also tend to find women who negotiate pay “demanding” and are less likely to hire them. Women tend to be underestimated, especially when they have kids. Many employers expect mothers to work less so they pay them less, no matter how many days they work. Also, women of different races and ethnic backgrounds tend to get paid significantly less money than men earn. Though many disagree, the discrimination women face at work is a problem that needs to be addressed and fixed.
Discrimination towards women in the workplace is still a problem today; two of these issues being the pay gap and sexual harassment. From losing their jobs due to refusing a sexual advance from their boss to getting a lower pay because they are not men, discrimination is an issue for women at work. Though many think

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