Discrimination Is The Process Of Judging And Treating People Essay

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‘Discrimination ' is the process of judging and treating people or proposing to treat someone unfavourably or according to particular criteria because of a personal characteristic protected by law. (www.humanrightscommission). Discrimination tends to become unfair based on stereotypes; Direct discrimination; and Indirect discrimination (Beardwell & Claydon 2007:197). An example would be of a 42year old employee of the CIBC being replaced by a "younger" employee on the basis of age discrimination (The Telegraph, 2009).
The essay talks about the emergence of Equality and diversity (E&D) practices and their importance within organisations, the benefits of having a diverse workforce mentioning the changing demographic trends and the business case. Further mentions the arguments stating the implications employers face in managing a diverse workforce and the reasons they fail to achieve complete success in their intended aims.
Mavin and Girling argue that over the years in the UK the concept of equality and diversity within organisations has seen a great deal of focus, reason being the changing composition of working population and employment patterns in comparison to past 20 years (Foster and Harris 2005: 4). Further proceeding, E&D practices highlighted to get rid of unfair discrimination in the organisations emerged with the beginning of Equal Opportunity (EO) approach in 1970s-1980s in the UK. Various policies generated in respect to the positive action of…

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