Teacher Centred Pedagogy Advantages And Disadvantages

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Teacher centred pedagogy
Teacher centred pedagogy is about a teacher taking full control of the class and teaching while learners listen attentively and taking notes. During activities, learners should work alone and not work together with others.
In the teacher centred pedagogy, knowledge is passed on from the teacher to the learners, and learners listen carefully to receive information. The teacher covers only what is required in formal tasks, and assesses learners individually to check how much knowledge has each learner acquired. The teacher only emphasises the right answers only to prepare learners for formal assessments.
Methods of teacher centred pedagogy
Telling method
The telling method is when the educator delivers the presentation
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Each student will hear everything that is said because the class will be quiet.
* Teachers will not worry about other students missing out on the important topics because they cover only important topics and remedial will be done, which is based on only correct answers.
* Students will learn to be independent and work on their own because teacher-centred pedagogy does not allow learners to work together.
Disadvantages of Teacher-centred pedagogy
* The lessons will become boring because of listening to one person for a long period. Students might lose their focus and miss out on important information.
* Learners will not be active on class to say what they have learned, which might make them not to capture a lot of important information.

Learner-centred pedagogy is about students and the teacher sharing the platform, but it shifts most of the instruction to the learners instead of the educator. The teacher and the learners both share their information and they are all actively involved. The aim of learner-centred pedagogy is to develop learners’ independence and communication skills. It teaches them skills like how to think and answer fast, how they can solve problems and it promotes working in groups and collaborating with students. It makes learners to listen to each other and they will be able to learn quickly. Learner-centred teaching motivates learners to know more because it gives them
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* Most children understand better because they work in groups and they will not be afraid to ask questions amongst themselves to understand better.
Disadvantages of learner centred pedagogy
*Classes may be hard to control because many students will want to talk at the same time or fighting for the platform.
* The teacher will not be able to identify learners that don’t understand
* Learners will lose concentration and start making noise or their minds will be wondering while the lesson is on.
* May use a lot of time because of disagreements.
I think learner-centred teaching is the best type of teaching because it involves all learners. Learners share their information to the whole class, they work in groups to do their work and that way they can correct each other or ask for assistance from the teacher

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