Disadvantages Of Cybercrime

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Many people depends mainly on mobile phones and the use of internet on contacting people that will gradually replace the far-distant mean through the face-to-face communication, which is more reliable and credible. Many of them believe that the use of internet such as social medias could be their way to communicate, educate, socialize, and entertained but the thing is are we aware of the effects of these technological advances? I will explain broadly in my topic some different examples and effects of the use of internet as well as social medias.
One of the examples that arise nowadays is the cybercrime. Cybercrime covers a broad range of criminal offenses where the use of internet, telecommunications, and information systems are used to carry out such illegal activities. Since the internet has become part of many other lives, many others also
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The parental guidance could assist their children to be not involved in cyber bullying. Nowadays, in our globalization stage, it is essential for the parents to have bonding with their family and spent their time with them. This aspect would be a great help among the children to support their needs especially in their psychological and emotional satisfaction. In terms of cybercrime, the cybercrime threats are becoming more sophisticated as criminals continue to exploit the information technologies and as the technological advances arise. And to conclude, technology creates new opportunities for criminals using the internet. Cybercrime needs to have new ways of policing so that criminals do not have the chance to take advantage with these aspects. We, as member of this society, should know how the use of internet and social medias affect us and our families. With this awareness, we will be able to know the proper use of these technological advances in the

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