Digital Crime Theory

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One day after finishing CIS 170’s class, the professor asked everyone in the class to select two of the theories suggested in chapter three of the text that a researcher could use to explain the cause of digital crime.

To begin with, there are many theories to explain the cause of digital crime, however the most important or most popular rather are, Choice theory, and Social structure theory. The purpose of the two stated here being the most significant are as follows. To start, choice theory is very important when it comes to any act. Choice theory is basically premeditation. An individual only does things whether good or bad, because it makes them feel great as they’re committing it. Its fact that everyone in society wants something out
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This being important to digital crimes because it’s stated that only the poor and less fortunate were the main cause of digital crimes. As the crimes got higher and the digital criminals were successful, brought this assumption about only the poor do bad to be opinionated. It’s a proven fact that not only does the poor and less fortunate do crimes, but also the rich and famous as well. It can be also proven that maybe this is how some rich people gotten rich or stay rich. Many does this as a career, while very few does it as a side gig. The two sub categories for social structure theories are, Strain theory and Subculture …show more content…
As far as for subculture theory, this theory is like a church congregation, instead what they do isn’t by God. The purpose of stating that they’re like a church’s congregation was to say that whatever their leader tells them, they do it. They do this with passionate because this is what they believe in, and won’t let anyone stop them from believing in it. Their different than any other gang, group, etc. They don’t follow anyone. They have their own true values, norms, and beliefs. If anything they do brings them to the court of law, so be it. If anything they do leads them to their death, so be it. If anything they do leads them to killing, raping, robbing, setting up, kidnapping, so be it. All and all, these individual are so head strong on their beliefs till they show no remorse. It’s like they don’t have hearts. Now tying these individuals back to the topic of digital crimes will be as follows. Committing crimes like electronic transfer’s funds, sexual content and harassment, and identity theft from these guys is normal. They find these acts very fascinating and don’t care what the outcome be. They only care about what they leader asks of them. If the leader says to do identity theft, then that’s what they’ll commit. If they’re told to set someone up on the internet in order to take all their personal accounts, and goods, then they’ll do that as well. It doesn’t matter what it is, they’ll do it. They do all things simply because they’re strong

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