Choice Theory Of Digital Crime

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This research will focus on the theories of digital crime and how they cause criminals to commit their crimes. Choice theory is the notation that people always have some type of choice about how to behave, It is also based on the presumption that all behavior represents the single persistent strive to satisfy that person 's basic needs. Choice theory teaches that outside events that makes a person not do. It is the central aspect of its beliefs that are internally and not externally motivatives (William Glasser). Learning theory is a conceptual substructure describing how information is absorbed, processed, and retained during learning
Even though Some people think theory has nothing to do with criminals who commits there illegal acts, because
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There are multiple theories that are in effect to this answer. The two theories that are found reasonable is Choice theory and Learning theory. According to the theory of choice, it deals with the profound of individuals making their own choice to what is either right or wrong. The reason why researchers can understand that choice theory is part of the explantation to digital crime is because, school begun to questioned. This may be because, of the schools was based on beliefs that crime producing is a trait and factors could be remoted and treatment could be done and eliminated or just controlled ( Eric Fritsch). Nevertheless it has been argued that the factors and traits had failed to be identified. Others have been dissatisfied with the positive school and it begun to offer alternative reason why people commit crimes. Secondly, there was a report done in the 60’s and 70’s with an increased rate of crime activity. The work that was being performed to prevent and control crime had increased and has gotten out of control. The idea is that the way to control crime, including digital crime, is to have the offender fear …show more content…
If the risk outweighs the benefits their more than likely not to commit unlawful acts (Robert Taylor). The choice theory offender then, is rational and self-interested and chooses to commit crime on the basis of his assessment that it will be rewarding or profitable or satisfy some need better than a noncriminal behavior. Choice theory highlights the rational weight of the pro’s and con’s of a certain action (Kenneth Padowitz P.A). The offender chooses their own behaviors and behavioral basis of a rational consideration of the cost and benefits of the intended action. Choice Theory believes that crime is due to people making choices to commit crimes (Nagin,

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