Cybercriminal Crimes

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When thinking of a thief, the stereotypical picture of a man wearing all black, donning a ski mask, and toting a revolver comes to mind. The thief usually hangs out in the bad parts of town and only strikes at night. In modern times this is no longer the case. Many of today’s criminals cannot be picked out of a crowd. They are cyber criminals that can anonymously attack anyone from behind a computer (Vigoroso). These criminals can do anything from stealing some quick cash to stealing someone’s very identity. These types of crimes are on the rise worldwide and can leave victims financially crippled.

Cybercrime is defined as “any illegal activity that uses a computer as its primary means of commission” (Rouse). Many of the world’s major countries
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This scheme involves criminals using “online dating sites” and “social networking sites” to con people out of some quick cash (Whitty and Buchanan 182). All cybercriminals are not interested in individuals and businesses. Certain cybercriminals have even gone after satellites and military launch codes (Iozzio).

These cybercriminals often get away with their crimes. According to Steve Head, UK’s former national coordinator for economic crime “about three million offences are going unreported each year” (“Cyber crime is a bigger threat”). Erika Aguilar, of Southern California Public Radio, states that “Most people don’t know where to report cybercrime” (Aguilar). Aguilar goes on to say that there is “lack of tech-savvy police detectives” (Aguilar) The lack of incidents being reported and the lack of knowledge on how to combat these incidents are two of the major reasons this type of crime is on the
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People no longer live in a world where they can feel safe and secure simply because they lock their doors and windows. In today’s times criminals can operate anonymously from behind a computer screen. They can accomplish their tasks from anywhere in the world. They can cross borders, infiltrate homes, and silently creep into the electronic data of thousands of big businesses. They can amass a plethora of social security numbers, bank account numbers, emails, and credit card numbers from unsuspecting individuals. Before anyone even realizes it cybercriminals can use this stolen information to open multiple accounts and ruin the life of their victim. Many times these criminals never get caught. This is becoming a growing threat throughout the internet-connected

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