Disadvantages Of Co-Leadership

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Co-leadership has some advantages and disadvantages in work and can leads for lots of advantages in work. Co-leadership will ensure the variety of information which will enrich the work with more skills and proficiency accessibility of range of skills and more creation and innovation in work
Strengths co-leadership idea and weaknesses of it and my favor for it .Strengths co-leadership idea, it is valauble to have lots of experiences and more ideas in work, work of two parties can have more though which are related to work and can use their information to improve the work and advance it. According to Michel, R, Robert. , E., Bill. , S., (2013),. Strengths co-leadership idea Co-leadership ensure availability of more skillfulness, facility, understanding
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It is better to avoid co-leadership to have full stability in managing work affairs and avoid any argument inside the work. According to Michel, R, Robert. , E., Bill. , S., (2013) , Lack of cooperation among both parties in co-leadership will leads to destroy the work and demolish all the business due to the disagreement
My opinion. I'm favor it but full understanding and full co operation must be available to ensure high understanding among both parties in work. According to Michel, R, Robert. , E., Bill. , S., (2013) , There are lots of advantages and strengths of co-leadership which can support work and leads for better operation and availability of variety of skills and more creation and innovation in work.
2: the details and significant points which I have to look for it carefully in this business plan which is followed by this young
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I have needed skills to understand the macro environment related to business and deal with it effectively to gain the best benefits of it and to keep away from any problems which are related to the macro elements in the business environment such as the political factors. In addition, I can understand well the social factors l technological factors, I can understand well the legal factors, and I can understand well the economic factors which has direct relation with business and to make use of it effectively.
My individual qualifications along with the traits of my personality for initiation of new business in Oman have relation to my personal skills and my abilities

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