Essay about Directing Functions And Functions Of Directing

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The fourth function is known as directing, sometimes also referred to as the influencing or the leading function of management. Directing is about the actuation of the methods to work efficiently to achieve the set organisational objectives. The function goes beyond organising the employees to their specific roles and involves ensuring they are able to perform the tasks through a variety of means. Directing in essence is looking after productivity and ensuring productivity is going up instead of decreasing. The function delves deeper inside human interaction, making the manager motivate, communicate and inspire his or her personnel. At this stage, you are meeting and connecting with your employees to find out how the tasks are going. You would talk to them about the new marketing program, get their feedback on the project and spend time inspiring them with new ideas. The directing function is all about the day-to-day interaction between the management and the staff.
The function of directing has strong links to things such as leadership. A good manager will be able to inspire the workforce to work towards the goals not because they have to do it but because they are driven to achieve these objectives. The manager’s role is not just about ensuring the workplace has the right resources and employees know what they are doing; it’s also important to create an environment of friendship. The manager wants to be someone who can encourage and motivate the personnel and not fear…

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